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Caldwell footwear co. expands in the US & internationally; names sandals after Idaho towns

In 2015, Chance Stevenson was promoted to president of High Country Plastics, a Caldwell company that specializes in rotational molding. Soon after, Stevenson says he wanted to “diversify the company” and in doing so he helped create NuuSol.

NuuSol is a footwear company that uses EVASOL, a material that is supportive, light, and comfortable, and shapes to your foot. 

“They are super comfortable you throw them on and most people, the second they get them on the first thing they say is ‘wow.’ It’s pretty fun to watch,” NuuSol’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Taylor Naff said. 

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Growing the brand

The plastic company that started in Idaho has helped the footwear company expand sales to around 800 total stores across the US, Canada and Japan. 

“I guess our most success has been piggybacking the customers of High Country Plastics,” Naff said. “We’re in a lot of your larger agriculture stores like a D&B, or local stores. And then High Country Plastics has about 25 sales reps that they use to sell their products, and they are also selling NuuSol. And outside of that, we have another 25 sales reps that are selling NuuSol to more footwear-oriented stores.”

It was no surprise for the NuuSol crew when the company took off. Stevenson and Naff first worked with another company to create footwear made from a similar material — later the company moved to China. 

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The pair wanted to continue creating these practical sandals. So after attaining the necessary equipment, Naff says they “knew this product has potential” – as the team had built these shoes before. 

“It’s amazing to see,” Naff said. “We are very, very small fish in the footwear world. Even being in 800 stores we’re nothing. So it’s got a lot of growth still… We will likely at least double next year and the following year.”

Stevenson said the company recently acquired more equipment and can now manufacture more footwear.

Starting local

Even though it all started in a Caldwell, Stevenson says they do not “really market” as a local company. But the team has plans to get more involved locally. 

“We just started our outreach for more local things,” Naff said. “We just did the event at Expo Idaho at the fairgrounds. And we’ll start branching out more, and more locally here, as we grow and we’re not stretched so thin internally.”

NuuSol offers different comfortable sandals with names that pay tribute to the company’s Idaho roots, such as the Cascade Flip Flop, the Stanley Slide, and the Hailey Slide. 

Company values

Naff said the company’s top priority is making the products in the USA. According to the NuuSol website, they do this to provide customers with the “highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.”

And he says a close second is customer service — such as NuuSol offering a six-month warranty.

“We want to make sure every customer, whether we’re selling direct, or to our retailers, is always satisfied with their exchanges with us,” Naff said. “And if you look on our website, you’ll see our reviews, we post every single review that comes in, no matter how bad how good it is. And we have a hard time getting bad reviews.”

To check out NuuSol, click here. 

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Autum Robertson - BoiseDev Reporter
Autum Robertson - BoiseDev Reporter
Autum Robertson is a BoiseDev reporter focused on Meridian and McCall. Contact her at [email protected].

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