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Cavener runs for third term on Meridian City Council

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Meridian City Council member Luke Cavener says he wants to continue to serve the place he calls ‘home.’

This week, Cavener announced he is running for a third term on Meridian City Council.

City goals and plans

If re-elected, Cavener told BoiseDev he wants to be councilman residents feel comfortable talking to. Cavener says he wants to hear first-hand from people about the issues they care about.

“We really embrace public transit and Meridian to solve an issue that we didn’t have direct control over it. Those are the things that Meridian City Council members and Mayor need to be focused on,” he said. “I want to hear from the public and talk about that. If it’s property tax reform, I mean, to me that’s where I see is a huge issue that we’re at the City of Meridian going to work on, but it’s going to take state action, I’ve got ideas around that. But if our citizens are saying, we’re not really concerned about property tax reform, we’re more concerned about, you know, funding education, that important for me to hear.”

Cavener noted two things that were important to him in the quickly growing and changing city: be a voice for young families and be an official that understands the city. Over the past couple of years, Meridian has appointed a new fire chief, police chief, mayor, and public works officer. 

“There are a lot of early stages, for a lot of pivotal roles within the city,” he said. “So I think that was a big reason to why I wanted to run for a third term is that I thought it was important to have some of that consistent leadership but I never thought that I would find myself as kind of an old guard whose been around the city. But I thought that was really important for Meridian that we had some people that kind of understood the values of, of our community, and kind of our approach to serving our citizens and that was one of the other pieces that I thought would be really beneficial to our community over the next four years.”

As Meridian continues to grow, Cavener wants to keep advocating and pushing for better transportation and affordability. 

“We never get anybody who says, I’m dissatisfied with the amount of parks that are in Meridian, or we have too few police officers,” he said. “The things that the city is in charge of I think we do really really well. And so it’s continuing to be a supportive partner, and be an interagency friend to address some of those things that maybe aren’t necessarily in our wheelhouse, but that is top of mind for our citizens.”

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A place to call home

Cavener is looking to be reelected because he wants Meridian to be ‘great’ for the people living here now and for the generations to come. 

“This is my home,” he said. “This is a community that’s given me a lot. And it’s a great, great place for my kids. And I want to keep Meridian an affordable place to live, so that my children can raise their grandkids or my grandkids here and not move back here when they’re 50 but when they graduate from college like I did. So those are the things that keep me motivated that this is, this is my home and I want it to be as great of a town for my kids and for my grandkids as it was for me.”

BoiseDev will profile each candidate for Boise City Council, Garden City City Council and Meridian City Council as they announce they are running for office.

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Autum Robertson - BoiseDev Reporter
Autum Robertson - BoiseDev Reporter
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