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Boise movie theatre ‘temporarily closed,’ listed for sale


Since last fall, the Reel Theatre location on State St. in Boise has been closed. Early this year, the building went up for sale.

Boise-based Reel, which operates cinemas under several brands, reopened its first-run Luxe Reel branded theaters in Eagle, Caldwell, and Ontario. The Reel Theatre cinemas on Overland Rd., in Nampa and on State remain closed.

In January, Colliers listed the Northgate location for sale on real estate site Crexi.

“Large space for sale or lease located in a densely populated area that is accessible to most of the Treasure Valley, with large restrooms and kitchen,” the listing notes.

Closed since fall

The Northgate Reel website says the location is “temporarily closed.” Attempts to reach Reel management were not successful. A voicemail greeting for the Northgate location noted the “temporary closure” on Friday, October 16th of last year.

“The increasingly challenged theatrical landscape, as well as the exhaustion of the federal aid package, have led us to this action,” the outgoing voicemail greeting said.

Traditionally, the Reel locations played so-called second-run movies – generally flicks that had debuted earlier at mainstream locations. The second-run name dates back to the days of 35 MM canisters shipped to theaters. They’d have a first run, then get shipped to the second run locations – often playing at discounted rates.

With the switch first to digital projection, then with many movies debuting on streaming services like HBO Max or Disney Plus, second-run theaters have started to fade.

The Northgate Reel real estate listing pitches a use like a church. The building is listed for $3.75 million.

Don Day - BoiseDev Editor & Founder
Don Day - BoiseDev Editor & Founder
Don is the founder and publisher of BoiseDev. He is a National Edward R. Murrow Award winner and a Stanford University John S. Knight Fellow. Contact him at [email protected].

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