Spill the tea: The scoop on this Boise matcha maker


Many coffee shops across the Treasure Valley have matcha tea, both cold and hot, listed on their menus.

In this Get Local, we look at the company that makes and distributes its matcha tea across the Treasure Valley.

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Wanna Matcha Tea was started in 2017 by owners Ashley and Austin Townend, who continue to run the company from their Boise home.

“We found that many people in Boise are open to learning about/trying new things,” Ashley Townend said. “What a great combination for a new company like ours to start up.”

Flying M, Guru Donuts, and Coffee Mill are just a few of the local shops that carry Wanna Matcha Tea.

What is matcha?

Matcha is made from green tea leaves that are stone-ground into a fine powder. According to The Republic of Tea, the drink dates back to the 11th century in Japan.

In fact, Wanna Matcha Tea’s leaves are grown and packed on a farm in Japan.

“The powder is mixed with water (or any desired ingredients),” Townend said. “The matcha green tea leaves are grown in the shade for a period of time that forces the leaves to produce more antioxidants!”

In the last decade, it’s grown in popularity because of its unique taste and health benefits. In addition to being packed with antioxidants, it’s also said to boost metabolism, burn fat, and improve memory and concentration. It also has about half the amount of caffeine per cup as a cup of coffee.

For a full list of where you can get Wanna Matcha Tea in the Treasure Valley, click here.

Anna Daly - BoiseDev Reporter
Anna Daly - BoiseDev Reporter
Anna Daly is a reporter for BoiseDev. She's an Emmy-winning journalist, and a professor at the College of Western Idaho. Contact her at [email protected].

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