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Dog becomes ill after swimming in Payette Lake, prompting algae bloom concern

The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality will perform additional tests on the water in Payette Lake near McCall, after a dog became sick after swimming in the popular lake.

The DEQ took a report of a dog that became ill and did an initial set of tests for cyanobacteria in the lake on Tuesday. Central District Health said in a news release Friday the tests did not show any presence of “the most common types of cyanobacteria.”

CDH reported that after the negative tests, a veterinarian who treated the dog said it had symptoms that line up with exposure to a neurotoxin – like cyanobacteria or so-called HABs or harmful algal blooms.

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The DEQ will take new samples after the end of the weekend and CDH says the samples will be sent to an out-of-state lab for additional testing. Those results could come in mid-next week.

CDH did not yet issue a health advisory for the lake, as it did for the Cascade Reservoir earlier this week. HABs were found in the reservoir – and noted both people and animals can become sick from recreating in or drinking the water, or eating fish or shellfish from the reservoir.

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