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Golf club hoped to expand on to Boise River ‘island.’ The plan has changed

Garden City’s River Club applied last year to use a strip of land largely surrounded by the Boise River for a golf hole. But the plan is off the table.

The former Plantation Country Club asked the Idaho Department of Lands for permission to use land it owned in the channel of the river between the club and Western Idaho Fairgrounds for golf. It would also have added trails for public use and built a bridge connecting to the land.

Many moving parts

River Club Boise
The area Glass Creek hoped to develop in the Boise River. Courtesy Glass Creek LLC

David Lehman of Primus Policy Group represents River Club owner Glass Creek, LLC on the project. He told BoiseDev that the complexity of the revamp of the course drove the change.

“It’s entirely a business decision made by the River Club,” Lehman said. “There were so many unknown things that could potentially delay the project. But there was no way to match up all those moving pieces so that there was any certainty for the River Club.”

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The course plans a reconfiguration as the Ada County Highway District and other agencies plan to revamp and widen State Street in the area. The project will require an overhaul of the Pierce Park Lane intersection, including a realignment of the road so it doesn’t intersect at an angle. A strip of land along the State St. side of the course will move to the public right-of-way, meaning River Club will need to alter the course to remain at the standard 18 holes.

“There are plans to improve the entrance to the club when the widening happens, as well as plans to redesign the course,” Lehman said. “They decided to take one of the variables off the table and this was it.”

Conservation League: ‘Good news’

The Idaho Conservation League came out against the idea last year. In a statement, the group called Glass Creek’s decision “good news”

“Theproposal to expand thegolfcourseraised significant concerns from community members andriveradvocates, who encouraged the Idaho Department of Lands, Idaho Department of Water Resources, Army Corps of Engineers, Garden City, and others to reject any applications for development of newgolfholes and tee boxes on the sensitive islands just upstream of Glenwood Bridge,” the ICL wrote to members.

Glass Creek purchased the club in 2018 and made a number of changes in recent years – as well as plans for future upgrades.

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