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You Asked: Why can’t some Boise residents vote in the city’s sewer bond election?

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If you live in part of west Boise or the Boise Bench, there’s a chance you won’t get to weigh in on the city’s wastewater bond in November.

A chunk of Boise residents who live between Allumbaugh Street and Maple Grove Road are in the West Boise Sewer District and don’t pay water renewal fees to the City of Boise. This means those households will not be able to vote on the bond to borrow up to $570 million in November. The bond will also not directly impact their sewer rates, but the West Boise Sewer District does have a contract with the City of Boise so it could indirectly impact their costs. 

If the bond passes, the borrowed funds will be paid for with water renewal rates, not property taxes.

This sewer district has approximately 6,600 parcels in it, all within City of Boise limits. There are customers who live outside of Boise who are city wastewater customers, but they will not be able to vote in the election because they are not city residents, according to Ada County Clerk’s spokesperson Chelsea Carattini. 

This is the first time Boise is conducting its elections by district and only half of the city is able to cast a vote for a council member, but the districts do not impact your ability to be able to vote on the bond. Even if residents do not live in a district up for election, they are can weigh in on the sewer bond as long as they do not live in the West Boise Sewer District. 

You can check your ballot here.

A map of the West Boise Sewer District courtesy of Ada County

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Margaret Carmel - BoiseDev Sr. Reporter
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