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‘Do not go hands on’: Record outlines court rushing procedure as Boise State apologizes for ExtraMile Arena scuffle


The Boise State men’s basketball team defeated Nevada Tuesday night, clinching its first regular-season conference championship since the 1987-88 season.

An impressive feat for the Broncos but it’s what happened after the game that has people riled up.

Multiple videos posted to Twitter show Boise State students attempting to rush the court after the game ended.

In one video posted to social media, someone who appears to be a security officer picks a woman off the ground and carries her off the court before dropping her to the ground. 

In another video, a security officer shoves a man to the ground. Another man attempting to get on the court is grabbed by multiple people and pulled back away from the floor.

Because security was keeping fans from the court, the players walked over to the student section to give high-fives and celebrate with them, which the students seemed to enjoy.

‘Do not go hands on’

A document provided to BoiseDev by Boise State after a public records request, and dated January 9th of this year outlines a “court containment plan” for ExtraMile Arena. It goes over safety for referees and game officials, coaches and opposing teams. It specifically states “staff do not go hands-on.”

It also discusses procedures for staff around the student section saying, “A line of staff is created directly in front of the student section in the last seconds of the game to discourage a ‘court rush.’ Staff are (sic) instructed to kneel when the crowd is seated and stand when the crowd stands. This is done in a very customer friendly manner with the respect of the students in this area.”

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Boise State Athletic Director Jeramiah Dickey apologized to students and fans in a statement.

“The attention that was rightfully deserved for an amazing accomplishment by our coaches and student-athletes, in front of the largest ExtraMile Arena crowd in more than a decade, was unnecessarily shifted to a postgame situation that should never have happened,” Dickey said.

ExtraMile Arena also said posted an apology saying, “security staff were instructed to allow students to celebrate on the court following a victory while providing a safe exit for the opposing team and game officials. No students were to be physically restricted.”

The statement also says ExtraMile staff are working with university officials to review footage of the interactions between students and security. A third-party investigator will conduct a review.

Gretchen Parsons - BoiseDev Managing Editor
Gretchen Parsons - BoiseDev Managing Editor
Gretchen Parsons is BoiseDev's managing editor. Contact her at [email protected].

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