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Boise State completes investigation on ExtraMile Arena scuffles, won’t say what steps it took


Boise State has completed its investigation into how it and others handled a celebratory moment that ended with fans being thrown to the ground at ExtraMile Arena in March. But the school is tight-lipped about what steps, if any, it took.

After Boise State won the Mountain West men’s basketball regular season, fans started to storm the court. An individual who appeared to be a security officer picked a woman up off the ground and carried her off the court before dropping her. In another video, a security officer shoved a man to the ground.

The incidents marred the celebration and prompted apologies from ExtraMile Arena and Boise State athletic director Jeramiah Dickey.

Investigation report

In the months since the incident, BoiseDev has been collecting documents from the school through Idaho’s Public Records Act.

Boise State hired GEMSEC Consulting LLC to “examine” the events that followed the game. The firm provided a report to Boise State Chief of Staff and VP for University Affairs Alicia Estey in April, of which BoiseDev obtained a copy. The report copy provided is heavily redacted.

“(We) conducted interviews, reviewed documents, video, and other material, to identify possible causes and contributing factors leading to the incident,” David A. Ellis with GEMSEC wrote in the report.

From there, the report is mostly redacted, which prevents public scrutiny. The school cited Idaho State Code exemptions for personnel information as well as records provided “in anticipation of litigation.”

Redcated portion of investigation report.

Due to the level of blacked-out text, it’s difficult to tell what the report found.

“The investigation also illustrated (redacted).”

“Additionally, we noted (redacted).”

“Other contributing factors include but are not limited to the following:,” followed by seven blacked out bullet points.

Ellis indicated he interviewed 20 individuals for the report, the identities of which were all withheld by Boise State.

Follow up meeting

The report was dated April 1, 2022. Boise State spokesperson Mike Sharp told BoiseDev that a meeting was held on May 26th “and a determination will be made on how to proceed and what to release.”

After the meeting, Sharp said the school “does not comment on personnel matters.”

Records reviewed by BoiseDev show the school held a meeting the day of the game to review procedures related to the possibility of students and other fans storming the court. As we reported this spring, both Boise State and the Mountain West outlined extensive procedures for post-game events – including a rule to “not go hands on” against anyone who may breach the court area.

But security officers did go hands on.

Boise State confirmed that, while it uses private security in general, all the individuals involved in the incident were at the time employees of the school.

“(No) third party was contracted or utilized to provide security at basketball games at Extra Mile Arena,” Boise State attorney Robert Adelson said. “The University does have a master contract with a third party security company but it was not utilized for security at basketball games.”

‘Present’ and a ‘no show’

The day of the game, ExtraMile personnel held a pre-game rehearsal to go over procedures and the possibility of the court being stormed.

In an email from ExtraMile Arena Senior Associate Director of Facility Operations Tim Deck to members of the athletics department before the game, Deck noted the court containment plan would be followed “due to the magnitude” of the game, and emphasized the possibility in advance.

“Clearly with tonight’s increased threat this plan will be adjusted to mitigate the risk to ensure the safety of everyone involved,” he wrote.

The day after the game, Deck forwarded the court storming plan to ExtraMile Arena General Manager Ron Janeczk and, ExtraMile Arena Executive Director Lisa Cochran – with a note:

“Its slide number 36 and ironically the image displayed is a field intrusion incident,” Deck wrote. “We had the Orientation on 2/25/2022 and (redcated) was present and signed the sign in sheet. (Redacted) was a no show.”

It’s unclear if the two names redacted in Deck’s note correspond to the two security officers seen in social media videos touching fans. It’s also unclear if the individuals have been disciplined.

Deck was previously listed as director of safety and security for ExtraMile Arena as of January, a post he’s held for several years. Deck is no longer listed under security and instead carries the title of associate director of facility operations. This change happened after the March 1 incident. Because Boise State does not comment on personnel matters, it’s not clear if the change is related to the ExtraMile Arena incident.

ExtraMile Arena also has a job posted for Guest Services and Security Event Worker

Don Day - BoiseDev Editor & Founder
Don Day - BoiseDev Editor & Founder
Don is the founder and publisher of BoiseDev. He is a National Edward R. Murrow Award winner and a Stanford University John S. Knight Fellow. Contact him at [email protected].

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