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‘Inconsistent’: McCall DMV to close late September


The McCall DMV will shut down. 

Earlier this week, the Valley County Commissioners were told that the DMV would close at the end of September largely due to inconsistency and funding. From there forward, if McCall residents must visit the DMV, they will need to travel to Cascade.

Right now the McCall DMV only has one employee.

“We have been back and forth on appointments and walk-ins. That’s inconsistent. People are trying to schedule an appointment only to find out it’s booked up in full or they think they can just come and visit and it’s appointments only and they’re turned away.” Valley County Assessor June Fullmer said. 

Fullmer told commissioners that the DMV was also losing funding from the Idaho Transportation Department.

Fullmer said closing the McCall location would cut the DMV budget by a little over $48,000 a year and save the county a little over $50,000 a year. 

“And I feel bad to inconvenience the taxpayers’ property owners citizens of McCall, but we have to look at what’s fiscally responsible,” she said.

Travel a concern

Commissioner Sherry Maupin voiced her concerns about asking McCall residents to travel to Cascade for DMV appointments. Cascade is the Valley County seat, but is the smaller of the two communities.

“We are asking McCall to come to Cascade for every single thing we do now that’s providing a service,” Maupin said. “So we’re putting that $48,000, $50,000 worth of expenses on the taxpayer because it’s gas to come down here. It’s their time away from work. They can’t do anything in McCall, and that is our largest center. So I have concerns with it.”

However inconvient, most DMV matters can now be taken care of online, by mail, or over the phone. This includes renewals, releases of liability, reprints of missing documents, renewing registrations. A title transfer can not be done remotely. 

 DMV Supervisor Megan Krumm also noted that the McCall office has not been super busy outside of June and early July and only about 10 people a day can make appointments. 

“We have been pretty slow,” Krumm said. “The McCall office would have big gaps of time between customers. We were having big gaps of time between customers. There was a lot of downtime. We were all trying to find other projects to do. So I think having everybody all in one office and having customers come down to one office we would keep that consistency of work where we’re not sitting there waiting for people to help.”

The Valley County DMV office located in the Courthouse in Cascade will stay open and the one McCall employee will transfer.

Autum Robertson - BoiseDev Reporter
Autum Robertson - BoiseDev Reporter
Autum Robertson is a BoiseDev reporter focused on Meridian and McCall. Contact her at [email protected].

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