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Mtn. Home says it’s ready for population influx – from Micron workers, or others


With Micron’s expansion plans set for Boise, hundreds of new workers will be looking for a place to call home. Mountain Home in Elmore County has always been an easy commute for Micron workers, and now the city says they’re ready for more.

“Why not Mountain Home,” Mayor Rich Sykes asked. “Mountain Home is open for business. We definitely are doing smart growth in Mountain Home, but with Micron opening up, we already have a large number of commuters that go back and forth between Boise and Mountain Home.”

The drive from Micron to Downtown Mountain Home is 37.3 miles. The drive from the semiconductor manufacturer to Downtown Caldwell? 31.9 miles. But congestion can quickly melt away any time saved on that 5.4 mile difference.

Ready for more

Mountain Home Mayor Rich Sykes shows off new fiber conduit at a home under construction in Mtn. Home to KIVI’s Don Nelson. Photo: Doug Lock-Smith/Idaho News 6

Brock Cherry, Mountain Home’s development director, said different parts of Mountain Home are ready for different types of housing.

“I can tell you as far as providing housing or an influx of people, we are ready to meet the moment as far as having ready-to-go projects,” Cherry said.

Sykes and Cherry pointed to one neighborhood in the southwest part of town, and used it as an example of what awaits new home buyers.

All new developments have put in orange conduit so they can have municipal broadband service to all new homes. That means the citizens own its own city-owned broadband service. Mountain Home is only the second Idaho town that offers that.

Not only do they believe availability with services is the key, but as Cherry said, it’s all about how fast they can move dirt and get homes built.

“One thing that we pride ourselves on in Mountain Home is we believe we can do a comprehensive view for every application that comes in a little bit faster than our sister communities in the Treasure Valley,” Cherry said.

Throw in a future splash pad and ice rink downtown, and the mayor hopes those new Micron employees will give Mountain Home a hard look for their new home.

Don Nelson - Idaho News 6
Don Nelson - Idaho News 6
Don Nelson is an anchor and reporter for Idaho News 6.

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