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State to stop sale of CBD pet supplements


If you give your pet CBD treats or supplements, stock up while you still can.

Come November, the products will no longer be for sale in Idaho, as first reported by CBS2.

The Idaho State Department of Agriculture issued a memorandum to Idaho retailers in July, updating them on the state’s regulatory status of hemp-derived products, including CBD. The letter claims that while lawmakers legalized the production and handling of hemp in Idaho in 2021, they didn’t legalize it in all product types like pet food.

ISDA is tasked with making sure feed for livestock and pets “is safe, nutritious, and labeled correctly” and not “adulterated.” The department considers pet food supplemented with CBD adulterated and says therefore it’s not legal.

“Animal remedies in Idaho are exempted from feed requirements except when these products are misbranded with nutritive claims or are considered adulterated. Animal remedies containing hemp are adulterated and are being unlawfully marketed and distributed in Idaho,” the memorandum states.

ISDA says it’s working with hemp licensees and feed companies to learn more about what is legal in the state. The department is giving Idaho retailers until November 1 to “comply with the law” and will then begin inspections to ensure products are not being sold.

“These products are not legal in Idaho, and if found on or after November 1, 2022, will be subject to a stop sale and further action from the department.”

Gretchen Parsons - BoiseDev Managing Editor
Gretchen Parsons - BoiseDev Managing Editor
Gretchen Parsons is BoiseDev's managing editor. Contact her at [email protected].
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