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Speed limit dropped on Warm Springs Ave. after neighbors petition for change

If Warm Springs Avenue is part of your daily commute, be advised of a new reduced speed limit.

From Broadway Avenue to the Old Idaho Penitentiary, the speed limit has been reduced from 30 mph to 25 mph.

Sean Yingling, a homeowner on Warm Springs Avenue and a member of the Warm Springs Historic District Association, says he and the East End Neighborhood Association sought the change. Yingling knocked on each door of the 117 houses on Warm Springs Avenue within the historic district. Of the 117 houses, Yingling managed to talk to 72% of the homeowners and 96% of them signed the petition regarding a reduced speed limit.

As for why neighbors want the change? Yingling says of the three years he’s lived on Warm Springs Avenue, he has seen a lot.

“My neighbor parked his pickup on the street and a car hit it so hard his pickup ended up in front of my house,” Yingling said. “I saw a deer get hit and thrown like 30 feet into someone’s yard. But the worst was on May 5, 2021 right in front of my house when a kid was crossing the street and got hit by a car.”

Yingling presented the petition to the Ada County Highway District and laid out his case for a lower speed limit at a meeting earlier this month. ACHD Commissioners eventually approved the request and signs displaying the new speed limit were put up last week.

ACHD has also commissioned a concept study of Warm Springs Avenue to see if safety can be further improved.

“I think the intention is to make the bike lane safer and make it safer for pedestrians,” Yingling said. “Where I am, it’s a quarter mile either way to the nearest crosswalk.”

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Gretchen Parsons - BoiseDev Managing Editor
Gretchen Parsons - BoiseDev Managing Editor
Gretchen Parsons is BoiseDev's managing editor. Contact her at gr[email protected].

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