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Large Village at Meridian project with retail & apartments denied due to parking & height concerns

A plan to build an expansion of the Village at Meridian with hundreds of apartments, new retail spaces, and a skybridge along Eagle Rd. was denied earlier this month by the city’s planning and zoning commission. 

Just off of E. Longwing Lane, The Bridge at The Village at Meridian is proposing 549 apartment units on top of 34,547 square feet of retail space and structured parking. 

Meridian P & Z moved to deny the project because of concerns surrounding the height of the building and parking. 

The applicant, CenterCal LLC, requested a conditional use permit that would allow the project to go over the 65 feet allowed in its zone, with a proposed max height of 85 feet.

Headed to city council

CenterCal has since submitted a letter requesting that Meridian City Council review the project. CenterCal writes that there are many tall projects in the area and said this project would be “compatible.”

“Situated at the corner of two major arterial roads, The Village has always been planned to have this intensity of development. The 2008 approval of the larger project around The Village, then called the “Meridian Town Center,” encompassed 258 infill acres planned for intensive mixed-use commercial, office, and residential development, including the Kleiner 80-acre parcel to the west across Eagle Road and the area now partly occupied by CarMax to the east,” the letter said.

CenterCal said the new expansion is at “the heart” of the project.

“There is at least 1,700 feet between the proposed project and the nearest single-family residential development, to the west across Eagle Road and on the other side of the Kleiner’s 80-acre parcel that is zoned C-G and similarly planned for intense mixed-use development with 65-foot building heights allowed.”

The Bridge would provide 734 parking spaces, 27 more than what is required by Meridian code.

There are 4,589 parking spaces at the Village, which CenterCal says exceeds the demand of 2,052 parking spaces to serve non-residential uses. CenterCal said that The Village would have “sufficient excess parking” even with demand from The Bridge. 

“Today, The Village’s built and planned uses include less retail and office than originally contemplated in 2008, creating less parking demand,” the letter said.

The applicant said in the request that additional details will be presented during the city council hearing. 

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Autum Robertson - BoiseDev Reporter
Autum Robertson - BoiseDev Reporter
Autum Robertson is a BoiseDev reporter focused on Meridian and McCall. Contact her at [email protected].

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