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ICYMI: ‘Perplexing’: For months, Closed Good Burger location took payment for online orders while closed

ICYMI 2022
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The BoiseDev team is off for the holiday break. (We’ll keep an eye out for any major breaking stories of course.) While our employees enjoy some downtime, we bring you a few stories you might have missed this year. We’ll be back at full strength on January 2nd!

Customers hoping to get a meal from one of the locally-owned Good Burger restaurants say they paid for their food but never got it. After questions from BoiseDev, customers finally began receiving refunds for their food.

The complaints are directed at the Good Burger on 7609 W Overland Rd. located inside of Chow, an indoor food court where tenants rent space. People told BoiseDev they placed orders online but upon arrival, they found no food or employees – just a paper sign that reads “closed.”

Chow manager Matt Schirmer confirmed the Good Burger location there is indeed closed. He added this was the first time he had heard about the problem and has no access to Good Burger’s website, which was still taking online orders.

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“I do not know what’s going on with the transactions that are taken online for Good Burger,” Schirmer said. “The only thing that I do know from a landlord standpoint is that Good Burger has not been open for a couple of months while they have been short-staffed and looking for new employees.”

While other Good Burgers locations have permanently closed, like a Downtown Boise spot and one on State St., the Chow location hasn’t. 

What happened

A closed sign at the Good Burger location on Overland Rd. in Boise. Photo: Don Day/BoiseDev

Customer Jeffrey Street spoke to BoiseDev about how “perplexing” the situation was.

Street said he placed an order on February 12, 2022, to the Chow Good Burger. The order was confirmed through their online system, though Street was greeted with the same closed sign rather than the burger he was hoping for. 

“I want my refund. And honestly, it’s just 20 bucks… But there is no telling how many people this happened to,” Street said.

Street was not the only person wrongfully charged, Google reviews show several other guests had a similar experience, dating back several months.

One Google reviewer named Erik Nelson wrote: “Stay away. They are a ripoff. I placed an order online and when I went to pick up the food, the store was closed. No response to repeated calls and emails.”

The Better Business Bureau also told BoiseDev they had received a complaint about the situation.

BoiseDev verified the closed businesses was still taking orders and accepting payment by placing our own online order on Tuesday afternoon. We ordered a $3 bottled iced coffee, which our credit card was charged for. We received a text message and email notification telling us we could pick up the item at the Chow Good Burger. Like other customers, upon arrival there was no coffee just a small handwritten “closed” sign. Another vendor in the Chow Public Market told BoiseDev people have been coming by for quite some time, hoping to pick up orders, only to be disappointed.

Staffing issues

BoiseDev reached out to Ken Sommerville, the owner of the Good Burger Chow location. He said the store, like many businesses, struggled with staffing issues and had been closing and opening sporadically, something he is trying to fix. Somerville said he did not have access to the Good Burger website saying he couldn’t shut down online ordering or refund guests.

“It’s difficult in the restaurant business, even much more so than it used to be, lots of turnover,” he said. “And basically, just people walking out or not showing up, so some issues along with that is I’m just the franchisee of Good Burger. I don’t control the websites in the online system.”

Sommerville said we should reach out to Good Burger CEO Nicholas Jones for answers. Jones told BoiseDev he has not been involved with the Good Burger Chow location for two years.

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BoiseDev then reached out to Somerville again to find out where the money from online orders was going and how and when the problem would be resolved. The next day, Sommerville said he gained access to the website, turned off online ordering, and began issuing refunds.

Street confirmed he was refunded and so was BoiseDev.

Somerville told BoiseDev that after hiring more staff the Chow location is currently open.

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Autum Robertson - BoiseDev Reporter
Autum Robertson - BoiseDev Reporter
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