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‘Community centerpiece’: Plan for large scale changes to River Club filed along State. Some residents concerned

Plans for the future of the River Club golf course along State St. in Garden City are coming into focus. Changes would bring hundreds of apartments, townhomes, retail, and parking to a portion of the course that runs along the busy arterial street.

In 2018, California-based Glass Creek purchased the golf course, then known as The Plantation, and said at the time there wasn’t a development plan – except to say golf would continue. Now, Glass Creek has sold the course to Dallas-based Lincoln Property Company, though Glass Creek will retake control of the golf course once the project is complete.

Lincoln Property filed a multi-phase application with Garden City for a project it calls The Residences at River Club.

Apartments, retail

Trever Nicoll, Senior Vice President for LPC West, said they hope to build a development in the quality and tone of Boise’s Bown Crossing.

“We want to create a community centerpiece for people to come to hang out from their families, with a high-end residential, transit-oriented development,” he said. “It will have a mix of 55+, market-rate apartments and townhomes.”

Unlike Bown Crossing, which has a small number of condo units, this project would add a significant number of apartments.

Layout of proposed Residences at The River Club in Garden City. State St. runs along the top of the graphic. Via CRTKL

A conceptual master plan calls for more than 700 apartments and townhomes for rent, built in multiple phases.

The project is set to dovetail with the Ada County Highway District’s work to realign Pierce Park St. and widen and reconfigure State St. for new bus rapid transit lanes. ACHD’s work would take a strip of land away along State, which Glass Creek previously said would mean the course would need to be reconfigured to accommodate for a lost hole.

That reconfiguration would not just revamp the golf course’s layout but develop more than 20 acres of the 122-acre course.

It would add a set of five apartment buildings ranging from four to five stories tall, arranged around surface parking.

The existing Plantation Way, which provides access to the course, would close, and a new entrance lined up with the new Pierce Park would go in. A set of 45-60 three-story townhomes would go in an area closest to the existing single-family neighborhood.

Rough conceptual drawing of transition from multi-family apartments to the golf course, with a “landscaped ditch” between. Via CRTKL

That area would have neighborhood retail space, which Nicoll says would total 25,000-30,000 square feet.

“The planned pedestrian-oriented activity center will provide residents and others with a high-quality walkable destination for shopping and opportunities to enjoy events, entertainment, and dining,” LPC wrote in its application. “The location will function as a gathering place with outdoor seating for the community and provide new retail offerings. As with Bown Crossing, buildings are designed to be close to the street, with wide sidewalks for displays and outdoor dining. Parking is at the rear, with pathways to the building’s front entrances.”

LPC hopes to open up an existing buried stream with new riparian vegetation and a pond-style water feature near the River Club clubhouse between the proposed apartments and the reconfigured golf course.

The road ahead

Plantation Country Club Boise
State St. will be reconfigured and widened at Pierce Park Ln. along the Plantation Country Club’s 10th fairway. Photo: Don Day/BoiseDev

The project would be built in at least three phases, starting with the new southern leg of Pierce Park Ln. and continuing to the east, according to the application.

To move forward, LPC will need several approvals from Garden City, including approval to rezone the property. Currently, zoning allows six single-family homes per acre. The Residences at River Club project would seek to get approval for a Specific Area Plan that would allow as many as 40 units per acre.

A group of neighbors in the Plantation Neighborhood has hired former Idaho Lieutenant Governor David Leroy. The group says they will be “significantly affected” by the project, and Leroy wrote a letter to Garden City Mayor John Evans raising concerns about the process and issues they say they see with conflicts with Garden City code.

Neighbors have expressed concerns about what they call the loss of open space, traffic, and density.

The project would be heard at an upcoming Garden City Planning & Zoning Commission meeting. A formal date has not yet been posted.

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Don Day - BoiseDev Editor & Founder
Don Day - BoiseDev Editor & Founder
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