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ACHD is going to move part of Orchard St. and wants your input

Orchard St. realignment
The Ada County Highway District is looking to realign Orchard St. south of Interstate 84. Right now, the north-south street meanders like a meandering stream from the freeway until it meets up with Gowen Rd. But highway planners could revamp the alignment to straighten up and meet with a newly-extended Lake...

Big changes are coming to Boise’s Airport. We now know more about what and when

Boise's Airport is bustling, with the number of passengers increasing by nearly 50% in just the last six years. As BoiseDev was the first to report in September of 2018, the airport is planning a number of changes and expansion that will have a big impact on the traveling public. “It’s...

Could a flight from Boise to the east coast be on the horizon? An update

The Boise Airport has outlined an ambitious master plan for projects it hopes to complete over the next twenty or so years. But for many travelers, one amenity is top of mind: flights to the east coast. Travelers can use commercial service out of the terminal to reach 20 destinations across ten states without...

Future of flight at BOI: Runways, concourses and parking – here’s what’s ahead at the Boise Airport

It's one of those funny Idaho facts that surprises newcomers and delights longtime residents.  The third-largest airline in the United States traces its roots to Boise - and still operates here.  United Airlines is a mashup of several air services, the oldest of which - Varney Airlines - was founded in Boise in 1926.

Boise Airport offers honor system for coffee & bagels

Coffee meets bagel meets... put your cash in the box? If you've hopped a flight at the Boise Airport recently, you might have noticed the self-serve coffee and bagel carts.  Grab some joe and a roll and drop your cash in a box and off you go. It turns out the kiosks are a way to help cut down lines in...

Increased air traffic prompts new gate at BOI

Crews are working to install a new jet bridge at the Boise Airport.The c-concourse of the airport has traditionally been used for ground-loading only via a pair of breezeways out on to the airport's tarmac - with many Alaska Airlines flights being loaded via stairs."With the overall increase in air service, there has been an increased demand for gate...