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Gov. Little signs bill clamping down on use of urban renewal funds without voter approval

Boise Sports Park and Boise Library
Idaho Governor Brad Little signed house bill 217 into law Tuesday morning. It will be delivered to the Secretary of State later today according to a spokesperson for the governor. The legislation requires a public vote for some projects that use urban renewal funds. Projects that use urban renewal funds...

Analysis: A scramble for stadium & library? Legislation sets up tough choices

Boise Sports Park and Boise Library
NEWS ANALYSIS BOISEDEV FIRST MEMBER PREVIEW Idaho House Bill 217 is getting closer to becoming law - but a series of amendments changed its form, according to the Idaho Press. The bill passed the Senate and its new form must now be approved by the House - before heading to Governor...

‘Cringe,’ ‘disinformation,’ ‘disingenuous:’ sharp words fly as battle over stadium & library heats up

Groups on various sides of proposed projects to build a library and a stadium in Downtown Boise using public funds are sharpening their rhetoric as the projects continue to develop. The hot words come as one group pushes a possible vote on the projects, and a bill to clamp down on the use...

Boise changes travel policy for Library project architect

Boise Library expansion
The City of Boise changed its travel arrangement with a Boston-based architectural firm contracted to design a new library project. The move is the second remediation after BoiseDev reported an employee of the firm charged the city fo first class airfare, against the contract with the city.

Ahead of Boise library rebuild project, ad campaign hits the airwaves

Boise Public Library expansion
An ad campaign is on the air touting the Boise Public Library. The campaign launched January 26th and will continue through April, according to an advertising contract obtained by BoiseDev through a public records request. It is the first such campaign in at least three years, according to the...

Cabin now likely to move to east end of Julia Davis Park

After testimony from city staff, historic preservation officials, staff of The Cabin literary center and dozens of engaged Boiseans, the Boise City Council decided to move the historic cabin building to a new site on the east end of Julia Davis Park. But the move will only come if a number of...

Deep Dive: In face of budget gap, Boise library could shrink, see components delayed or removed

Boise Library project
During Tuesday's Boise City Council meeting, Mayor Dave Bieter told the crowd that work to bring the cost of a Boise Public Library rebuild under control was progressing. "We've been doing a good job getting the costs under control," he said. An examination of extensive public records received by BoiseDev...

A vote on a stadium? County clerk hadn’t been contacted; initiative process continues

Dave Bieter
Boise Mayor Dave Bieter surprised city council members at a public meeting Tuesday night. He said the city may not be able to hold an advisory vote in odd-numbered years. Council members said they planned to discuss putting city funding for a potential Boise Sports Park to such a vote, but did not...

With city council poised to put stadium to public vote, mayor delivers surprise news

Boise Sports Park rendering
Boise City Council members appeared ready to put a Downtown Boise baseball stadium up to public vote, when the mayor threw a curveball. The discussion was teed up as a chance for the council to give direction on two high profile projects that would use tax dollars: the stadium, and a rebuild of the...

Live updates: Boise officials discuss library & stadium

We are at the Boise City Council meeting tonight - we'll provide live updates on the discussion to open up feedback or put the library and stadium projects to a vote. Live coverage made possible by the support of BoiseDev FIRST members. Sign up today and help BoiseDev sustain and grow!