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Video shows progress on Boise State visual arts building

Center for Visual Arts Boise State University
The new Center for the Visual Arts at Boise State University is set to open this August. A new video shows some of the progress on the exterior of the project. The short clip shows aerial and close-up shots showing the building as it approaches completion. The building sits in a former...

State Board OKs new Boise State Fine Arts building

This will be a cool addition to the Capitol Blvd. in Boise: The State Board of Education approved up to $32 million in bonds for the new Fine Arts building near the Morrison Center just south of the Towers Dorms.   "Today‚Äôs decision and the generosity of arts and education supporters will ensure that Boise State can provide a new...

Boise State’s 2015 Master Plan

Don Day BoiseDev.com EXCLUSIVE Boise State's 2015 Master Plan A premiere part of Boise is plotting its next evolution - and a major update to the Campus Master Plan for Boise State University could radically remake the area. The draft plan was just released, and plots out as many one hundred buildings, projects, remodels, road changes, greenways, stadiums and more to be carried out over...