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Boise City Hall

All of Boise’s laws are being repealed. Here’s why

The City of Boise is working on a project to revamp and update its entire city code. The move will make a...
Boise City Hall

Forget 2020! 2019 brings municipal elections to SW Idaho

Twenty-nineteen is a municipal election year - and local city governments have some of the biggest impacts on growth and development.

You voted: Here’s what it means in Ada County

Agh we got the wrong link in our email blast! The ITD N/S freeway story is HERE.  NEWS...

Ahlquist on building corporate culture, role of parking & infrastructure in development

Prominent Boise valley developer Tommy Ahlquist is unveiling a round of projects and ventures for his new firm Ball Ventures Ahlquist today on BoiseDev. Many...

Growth, stadium, transit and a tax option: what’s on tap for today’s Boise State...

Boise Mayor Dave Bieter is set to make his annual address to the business community and citizens today at the Velma V....




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