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Gov. Little signs bill clamping down on use of urban renewal funds without voter approval

Boise Sports Park and Boise Library
Idaho Governor Brad Little signed house bill 217 into law Tuesday morning. It will be delivered to the Secretary of State later today according to a spokesperson for the governor. The legislation requires a public vote for some projects that use urban renewal funds. Projects that use urban renewal funds...

Gov. Little interview: How to manage growth in a booming state

Gov. Brad Little
Idaho is currently the fastest-growing state in the country - and the only state to break 2% growth the last time the census measured it. During his interview with BoiseDev this week, Gov. Little talked about how to keep the state special as more new Idahoans are minted every day.

Gov. Little interview: first-time homebuyers’ credit could help affordability issue

Boise housing
Idaho Governor Brad Little discussed growth, transportation and the interaction between state and local governments in a wide-ranging interview with BoiseDev.com this week. It is the new governor’s first in-depth interview on growth-related issues since his inauguration last month. Housing costs in the Treasure Valley are rising rapidly...

Gov. Little on climate change: it’s real and leaders have to take action

Just after he took the oath of office as governor, Brad Little appeared at the Idaho Environmental Forum. Toward the end of the session, Little answered a question about climate change. "Climate change is real," he said. The Associated Press story on his comments said...

Gov. Little interview: urban renewal could use key changes; urges caution

Grove Plaza Boise
Urban renewal is a perennial hot topic in Idaho. Since the first urban renewal area was established in Downtown Boise in 1986 to now - cities across the state have begun using the tool and its financing methods to pay for plazas, infrastructure, business attraction and more. During his interview with...

Gov. Little interview: more money for transit, HOV lanes and that local option tax talk

“We’re going to need more money.” Governor Brad Little is blunt when he talks about the state's transportation needs. And, even as a member of the Republican party, he's not afraid to talk about the need for more revenue. Little said he felt he took a political...

Gov. Little interview: State, cities, counties should work better together

During a wide-ranging interview with BoiseDev on growth and issues affecting the Treasure Valley, Gov. Brad Little said under his administration he hopes to see less friction between different levels of government. “I’m not a fan of different levels of government arguing,” Little said. “It makes us look petty.” He said...

For members: Full audio podcast with Gov. Brad Little

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This audio podcast is a BoiseDev FIRST members-only benefit, find the audio player below. If you aren't a member, you can join today and get instant access to the file - push "Read More" below and you'll be prompted to sign up. Gov. Brad Little in his office with BoiseDev publisher Don Day...