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Tag: Jim Conger

You Asked: Why is CBH Homes building the Music Subdivision in SW Boise?

Some residents of Southwest Boise were surprised recently when a sign advertising CBH Homes popped up along Victory Road.  In 2020, land development firm the...
Conger Group

Conger Group, DevCo

Voting in Ada County

Growth & Ada elections: Homebuilders, developers weigh in with cash and ads

Ada County’s local elections raked in big donations, with homebuilders and an associated political action committee making big contributions in the hopes of flipping...
Moxie Ridge Boise

Moxie Ridge to bring ‘affordable’ homes along southeast Boise hillside

A long-gestating housing project in southeast Boise will start construction in the coming days. Conger Development's Moxie Ridge will add 121 homes just south of...

Meroise? Boisidian? Project on line between Boise & Meridian illustrates differences in development approaches

Boise and Meridian, increasingly are one large city with an invisible political border. But the two cities bring very different approaches to development and growth. That...
Gateway Reserve Boise

Riparian habitat to replace Boise sewage ponds instead of homes

A 12-acre chunk of land near Idaho Shakespeare Festival almost became a subdivision for 43 homes. Developer Jim Conger proposed converting an old industrial...