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Circulator, library, sports park: documents shed light on possible ways to pay for big Boise projects

The Capital City Development Corporation's five-year plan for capital improvements has money set aside for several big projects the City of Boise is championing. Documents also help bring focus to possible funding mechanisms for a library and stadium project. The new details come as the Boise City Council says it will discuss putting the...

Police called in during argument between public official, ballpark opponent; updates with Brunelle comment

An unusual set of motions inside Boise's City Council chambers over the Grove and a future ballpark may have been matched by events outside, with police officers called in. An interaction between Capital City Development Corporation executive director John Brunelle and ballpark opponent and Concerned Taxpayers of Boise member Bill Illett became heated enough for...

‘Snowball effect’ causes CCDC to review ‘free awnings’ in Downtown Boise

If you've walked around Downtown Boise this summer, you may have noticed many buildings sporting brand new awnings over the sidewalk. Several of the projects have been funded at least in part by public funds from the Capital City Development Corporation, including: Fidelity Building/Diablo and Sons at Idaho St. and 8th...