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Tag: Music Subdivision

You Asked: Why is CBH Homes building the Music Subdivision in SW Boise?

Some residents of Southwest Boise were surprised recently when a sign advertising CBH Homes popped up along Victory Road.  In 2020, land development firm the...
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Southpoint, LLC

Music Subdivision Boise

City council approves dozens of new homes in ‘Music’ project in SW Boise

Sixty-seven new homes will pop up on the far edge of Southwest Boise, despite opposition from neighbors.  BoiseDev first told you about the proposal in...
Music Subdivision Boise

New subdivision would add 67 new homes in SW Boise

Sountpoint, LLC applied to convert two large-lot properties at Victory Rd. and Mitchell St. into a new residential development. The project would add 67 homes...
Music Subdivision

Music Subdivision