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Whitewater Station

Project for condos on Jerry’s 27th St. Market site rumbles to life

Whitewater Station, the project that will replace Jerry's 27th St. Market in Downtown Boise, looks closer to launching. The...

Update: 27th St. condos approved by Boise City Council

The Boise City Council voted unanimously to approve this project during its December 4th meeting.

Whitewater Station

Stalled project at Jerry’s 27th St. site comes back to life

By now, Jerry's 27th Street Market was supposed to be just a memory - and a new retail and residential project...

Whitewater Station


Jerry’s 27th St. Market could be replaced by multi-use project

KTVB reports the old Jerry's 27th St. Market could be replaced by "Whitewater Park Station" - a mixed-use project with ground-level retail and condos...