Topgolf Boise
Guests playing Topgolf in Naperville, IL Photo via PRNewsFoto/Topgolf

For years, the Farmstead property at I-84 and Eagle Rd. has been a Treasure Valley entertainment destination. The Farmstead is moving, but the site may continue to provide entertainment.

Ball Ventures Ahlquist filed new plans for the site with the City of Meridian this week. Company officials confirm they are working to bring a “golf entertainment facility” to the property.

The project would replace an area of the site earlier earmarked for multi-family residential.

Something like Topgolf in the Boise area?

Topgolf Meridian
Site plan showing a potential Topgolf-style development at Eagle and I-84 in Meridian.

BVA would not comment on the identity of the potential tenant. The leader in the space is Topgolf. The Dallas, Texas-based chain of golf entertainment centers provides climate-controlled suites where players can tee off toward a large driving range. The centers typically provide food and drink to golfers, as well as the equipment needed to play. The chain has 51 locations across the country. The best known is possibly in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand resort, where 108 suites are offered.

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The Topgolf in Salt Lake City has a capacity of more than 1,300 people in 102 bays across three levels. It hosts a variety of concerts and other events and offers a menu of mid- and higher-end food like charcuterie trays and bread pudding. It is open year-around thanks to the climate controlled suites, despite four distinct seasons similar to Boise.

The other entrants in the space are Drive Shack and Big Shots. Drive Shack has one location open and several more in development while Big Shots has a single facility in California.

Both Topgolf and Drive Shack are targeted at golfers and non-golfers, providing equipment on site for gameplay.

Other pieces of the development, including a new headquarters for Idaho Central Credit Union, a hotel and retail remain in place.

A hearing for the proposed project, dubbed Eagle View Landing, has not yet been scheduled. BVA hopes to break ground on the first phases of the project this spring.

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  1. Why this cocept will fail in Boise:
    1) It is not golf, and resembles golf the way beer pong resembles table tennis.
    2) Bad, overpriced food and drinks, reminiscent of Hooters.
    3) It is lousy entertainment for kids 10 and under… Except for the one tenth of one percent of U10 who golf… And even then…
    4) The Boise area population is not large enough to sustain a “once a year” gimmick that appeals only to affluent families.

  2. Why this concept will succeed in Boise:
    1) It is golf for people who want a more fun, social and entertaining atmosphere with their family and friends – even if you’re not a “golfer”.
    2) Actually very good food and drinks – prices similar to that of any entertainment space.
    3) It is entertaining and a good learning environment for kids 10 and under (similar to how kids of any age can go bowling and have fun). They even have a “Kidzone” with academies, leagues, lessons and birthday parties.
    4) TopGolf is not a “once a year” gimmick that appeals only to affluent families. For example, the bowling section at Big Al’s in Meridian is often fully packed with families – lanes at Big Al’s cost between $20/lane/hour and $40/lane/hour depending on the time of day. The TopGolf in Salt Lake City costs between $25/bay/hour and $45/bay/hour depending on the time of day.

    I think this would be a great addition to the Treasure Valley!

  3. Feel bad for those around the eye sore. And the birds I watched in salt lake die in the mile high nets. I lived near one and they are terrible for the area.

  4. Love this idea and can’t wait to see it thrive here. I’ve played at several (Salt Lake, Las Vegas, Denver, etc) it’s a great evening out for less than dinner and a live. Best part is that you get tomolay golf even in the rain or cold weather.

  5. Finally! I am from Idaho and spent several years in Seattle. I was stunned there wasn’t a place like this in the whole valley when I moved home. I will be there working on my game in the winter. My wife and I used to have a blast at Interbay in Seattle. Let me know if you need help with the food!

  6. As a resident living next door this this facility, this is first we have heard of this concept. So far whatever they build there has been a moving target. When is the City of Meridian going to give the residents of the area a say so as what is developed there? It appears Meridian City would approve anything that brings a buck into the city coffers and damn the area residents.

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